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Minor nitpicking from my part:

{Ereinion} [Rodnor] Gil-galad son of Orodreth, who had escaped the fall of Nargothrond and come to Sirion's Mouth, was [named] King of the Noldor there. He was styled Gil-galad, Star of Radiance, because his helm and mail, and his shield overlaid with silver and set with a device of white stars, shone from afar like a star in sunlight or mooonlight and could be seen by Elvish eyes at a great distance if he stood upon a height. FG-C-27
In our discussion of names Name Changes?, we discussed that the name Orodreth was outdated and that it should be changed to later Sindarin in the form of Arothir. Should we have a vote on this or do we all agree that it is right to do so.

Regarding our other points:
3. The minute issue of "tallest of the Children of the World"
This has been solved.
6. The Elessar
Needing only Findegil approval to be finalized.
7. The Oarni
Needing only Findegil approval to be finalized.
5. Is Gil-Galad at the Havens or on Balar?
I'm willing to compromise and to accept Findegil and Aiwendil's proposal.
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