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I guess the first question is whether we consider the agreement by you, me, and Maedhros on the issue of Ulmo's counsel to have been a vote or a unanimous consensus. No official vote was taken, and we all found the solution adopted to be acceptable, but it was fairly clear that you preferred to include the counsel of war while Maedhros and I preferred not to.

But that might not actually matter. If we consider it a unanimous agreement, then according to the new principle, that can only be changed by a new unanimous agreement (and only if new arguments have been brought forward). If we consider it a vote, then it can be changed if a count of old and new votes would produce a different result, but unless I'm mistaken a count of old and new votes would actually result in a tie: switch me from the 'exclude' to the 'include' column, but add Gondowe to the 'exclude' column, making it 2-2. (Incidentally, I just realized that we didn't make it clear whether the old votes of members who are voting again still count in this case, but I assumed they would not). It seems to me that in the case of such a tie, the old decision would stand.
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