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Hello, sorry for the long delay in answering.
I would like very much in introducing as much as text as I could do it. I think that the message Tuor speaks to Turgon (in my version) is very short and is not good from the point of view of literature.
But I really think (and always thougth) deep in my mind, considering all that was said in previous posts, that the only will of Ulmo at last (in the last concept of Tolkien), is to bring Tour to Gondolin to born Eärendil, destinated with the help of the Silmaril to reach Aman. I think Ulmo always knew by the Doom of Mandos or whatever be, that there were any hope to defeat Morgoth.
So in my humble opinion, much of the text in FG-T-24 and FG-T-25 is out of place.

Alas! How wish many minds opining here.

FG-TCG-00.2 I agree in everything.

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