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Hello fellows, how are you. Always nice to see the project goin' on.
I had to re elaborate my mind to remember old decisions, and I continue with very little time.

FG-T-24.5: I see no reason to eliminate this, especially when FG-T-24.7 is kept.

In this context I think that the urgency is not to prepare for war, but to escape from Gondolin.

FG-T-25.7: I find here is somthing missing. Why should Turgon speak about his messagers, if he was not bidden to send new once? Either we have to skip more of his answer or we have to introduce Tuor's biding to send new messengers.

Dramatically I think is necessary that after the message from Tuor/Ulmo, Turgon explains as a kind of complaint that the Valar don't want to hear their asking from help (from the messengers). And proudly they stay in Gondolin.

The rest is OK for me.

As for the Rían sentence: Is good but I'm goin to propose other place:

And Rían said to the Elves: ‘Let him be called Tuor, for that name his father chose, ere war came between us. And I beg of you to foster him, and to keep him hidden in your care; for I forebode that great good, for Elves and Men, shall come from him. But I must go in search of Huor, my lord.’
Then the Elves pitied her; but one Annael, who alone of all that went to war from that people had returned from the Nirnaeth, said to her: ‘Alas, lady, it is known now that Huor fell at the side of Húrin his brother; and he lies, I deem, in the great hill of slain that the Orcs have raised upon the field of battle.’
FG-TCG-00.2 <VT 50 {Arphent Rían Tuorna: man}/Then said Rían to Tuor:/ ’Man agorech? Sí il chem en i naugrim en ir Ellath thor den amen.’ [Footnote: 'What have we done? Now all the hands of the dwarves and of the Elves will be opposed to us.' (Translation is not absolutely certain)] {Therefore} /After/ Rían arose and left the dwelling of the Elves, ...

What do you think?

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