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Yes Findegil, is a very, very difficult matter, we have not enough material, but for that reason our opinions about 'the truth' are important. Many times the professor didn't explain his reasons for the development of the history in finished texts. Perhaps I'm influenced by the published Sill77 but in this case we have one important vote for the text, that of C.Tolkien in Sil77,... I don't know.

The ToY matter. Someone think yes, someone no. I still think is ambiguous but I can't think in other way, for me is not an evidence, sorry. I would like to vote, but If my opinion is only considered to contrast, I'll be grateful.

In this way and knowing in your opinion of the wrong direction of the discussion, I wanted to made clear my line of thinking.
First, the time passed till the Fall of Gondolin came due to the reaction of Turgon, negative to abandon and have relation with the others (Men, sons of FŽanor or whoever). So with a positive and on time answer, theoretically, much of what happened after could not have happen (Third kinslaying, etc).
As for the messengers is not necessary that Tour ask for send another one, the speech of Turgon doesn't implies such thing (for me).

Evidently I'm trying to 'think' like Ulmo, ha, ha. Ulmo knows that 1 Messenger will go, but perhaps all is in vain because Ulmo knows that Turgon will not obey.
Speculation I know, sorry, but we have no later material.

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