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Okay, the passage gondowe has mentioned has no prerunner. It arises first in GA I will give it here a bit fuller than gondowe:
The day was lost, but still Huri and Huor with the men of Hador stood firm, and the Orcs could not yet win the passes of Sirion. Thus was the treachery of Uldor redressed; and the last stand of Hurin and Huor is the deed of war most renowned among the Eldar that the Fathers of Men wrought in their behalf. For Hurin spoke to Turgon saying: 'Go now, lord, while time is! For last art thou of the House of Fingolfin, and in thee lives the last hope of the Noldor. While Gondolin stands, strong and guarded, Morgoth shall still know fear in his heart.'
'Yet not long now can Gondolin be hidden, and being discovered it must fall,' said Turgon.
'Yet [a while it must stand,' said Hurin; 'for out of Gondolin >] if it stands but a little while,' said [Hurin >] Huor, 'then out of [Gondolin later >] thy house shall come the hope of Elves and Men. This I say to thee, lord, with the eyes of death; though here we part for ever, and I shall never look on thy white walls, from thee and me shall a new star arise. Farewell!'
[Struck out: Then Turgon withdrew and all the Noldor of Gondolin went back down Sirion and vanished into the hills. But all the remnant of the host of the west gathered about the brethren and held the pass behind them.]
[Added subsequently:] And [Glindur later >] Maeglin, Turgon's sister-son, who stood by heard these words and marked them well, [struck out later: and looked closely at Huor,] but said naught.
Then Turgon accepted the valiant words of the brethren, and summoning all that remained of the folk of Gondolin, and such of Fingon's host as could be gathered, he [withdrew >] fought his way southward, and escaped down Sirion, and vanished into the mountains and was hidden from the eyes of Morgoth. ...
Yes, I also think that when Huor could tell so much, we might be sure that Ulmo could have seen the future more clearly. But what did Huor presage here? With our after knowledge we see the connection to Earendil, but what could it have meant for the poeple around like Turgon and Maeglin? The reference to the Star must have been dark to every one until the events around Earendil happend. So it only could mean that the offspring of Huor and Turgon would play a significant part in the later history of Arda.

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