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How about a new question: how do you make your protagonist (hero) somebody your reader can relate to, or like, or at least sympathize with?
My main characters are mostly (ahhh! brain freeze, can't remember how to spell model) models of some of my friends. I don't suggest trying this method, seeing how it is fairly difficult to pull it off without them knowing it. Most of the situations that they "land" in are also taken from real experiences.

I made up my own world, characters, places, creatures, everything.
I have created a world similar to Tolkien's ME, complete with a map and a bestiary. The creation of the world in which the characters exist has taken up most of my writing time. So, now that it is finished, I can get down to business. Although, the "business" part is a lot more fun... [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]
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