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It would be nice if people would be able to see negative reps as constructive criticism instead of feeling personally offended by them. That would take the sting out of an occasional red box. Of course, it would mean that those members giving negative reps should include comments giving their reasons for not approving of a particular post, and of course they should stand up to their opinion by signing.

I much prefer to give positive reps and usually do so, but when necessary I do give negative reps with comments and signature. I hope that members will think about them and improve the quality of their posts accordingly.

Two general aspects:

1. All members (ought to) know the forum rules; if not, they can read them. If they do not adhere to them, they should *expect* negative reps and comments.

2. Any crackpot can distribute negative reps that the recipient does not deserve. (I've gotten some from disgruntled members.) If you get one that is unjustified, just realize that it means absolutely *nothing*. It says something about the person sending it, not you. You can afford to lose a point - just post something amazingly good and you'll catch up again very quickly.

Reasons you could get negative reps:

1. You have not adhered to forum rules. (see above) Solution: Change your ways.

2. You have expressed your opinion in an inappropriate manner. Solution: Learn to be more tactful; be more objective and less personal in saying your opinion; avoid direct attacks on other members; make allowance for different opinions and the right of others to express theirs.

3. Another member disagrees with your opinion. Reason: The other member has not understood the reason for the reputation system. You have the right to express your own thoughts without being criticized for being different. Solution: Live with it - don't take it seriously. Above all, don't whine or retaliate. If you post well, you'll make up for a lost point soon.

4. Someone doesn't like you. Solution: Check for possible aggressive posting on your behalf; if there is none, ignore the person. Get some positive reps to make up for it. (see below)

Ways to get positive reps:

1. Make a good contribution to a discussion, with appropriate explanations, perhaps even quotes to support your opinion.

2. Tell something about your personal experience with Tolkien's works - touch others' hearts.

3. Make me laugh!
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