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I seem to be doing really well at getting answers for the wrong reasons this time. ^_^ There was Frodo Prefect, and now the Tin Bra... Faramir was wrong, though, I suppose.

ANYWAY. Did you know there are 59 pages on the Encyclopedia of Arda that fit the ??R???? pattern? Because there are. They include such delights as 'Morgoth' (certainly crazy, but I don't think being More Goth counts as a messy barnet), Saruman (preeeeetty sure there's only one of him), and... Turnips. ^_^

Hmm. HERUMOR is a possibility; it has the 'hair' sound, and is two people, in the Second and Fourth Ages. (I once saw a theory that the cult leader from the New Shadow is the same person as the Numenorean, and that both are synonymous with the Mouth of Sauron... nice idea, but not really supported.) But I can't make the rest of the clue fit.

There are two Baranors, but I can't fit him to the clue. Tolkien really liked reusing names, didn't he? That, or (considering 'Gorthol' as a name of Turin, meaning I guess 'nastyhat') giving people many names.

IMRAHIL has definite possibilities. It's almost HIM HAIR, except that one of the H has become an L. Though I can't actually find an earlier one? But I wouldn't be surprised if the royal line included multiple iterations.

I really want to do something with 'Imraz˘r', because, y'know, razor... but no.

'Marhari' is maar haary, but no. ^_~

And... that exhausts my list, actually. Hmm. I wonder what ADRAHIL of Dol Amroth did wrong, that EofA doesn't have him (Tolkien Gateway does). Because his name is actually HAIR + LAD, and there were two of him a thousand years apart. So I think he's probably the strongest answer.

(Except for Marhari, all these names are Numenorean-Gondorian. Gondorians like that third-letter R sound, I guess?)

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