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NAME: Severian (Sev) Baelin Kayde the Third; Son of Severius and Cithwin Kayde

AGE: 29

RACE: Race of Man; Gondorian, Osgiliath


WEAPONS: “Sorrow” or Vor’gul is a family heirloom; a basic silver bastard sword (hand-and-a-half blade) that is lightweight and beautiful, crafted by the elves of Mirkwood it is still highly practical. Accompanying “Sorrow” is a simple black-lacquered steel round shield bearing the White Tree of Gondor upon its surface, strapped to his back. He also carries a skinning knife, weak oaken bow, and a small quiver of arrows.

APPEARANCE: Standing at 5’ 11” Severian is an average sized Gondorian male. He sports a lean but muscular build, thick, medium length, straight, brown hair. His eyes are green and haggard from lack of sleep due to long nights of weapons training. His chest and neck contain scars from all manner of creature from previous failed attempts at hunting. His green eyes are set in a firm and rugged face, riddled with small sunburn marks and a well-kept goatee.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Severian is your average male human. Prone to greed, lust, and want for power, yet behind all this lay the strengths of man, such as courage, bravery in hopeless situations, and the want to and ability to learn skills at an unreal rate. Severian tends to be hot-headed and to be slow to trust. He finds strength in being solitary, and distrusts all the other people, save fellow Gondorians and at times those hailing from Rohan. Severian can be highly persuasive when he wants to be and enjoys architecture, poetry, and writing, aside from battle of course.

HISTORY: Born and raised in the realm of Gondor at the city of Osgiliath Severian and his family have known strife all their lives. His father, a Captain of the Osgiliathan defense was killed when Severian was eighteen by the plague that struck the city in its early days. Since Severian has dedicated himself to his realm and the blade, spending most of his waking moments training until he was twenty-three. At that age Severian moved to Minas Tirith in hopes of becoming a Tower Guard for the White Citadel. Unfortunately, Severian was turned down, and with a heart full of sorrow he departed from the White City and his realm in search of adventure. Since then he has been traveling Middle-Earth in hopes of finding himself, and one day returning to bring his nation to the rightful power it deserves. For blood, for honor, for Gondor.