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They all went/were from Angbad. Luthien went with Beren, Hour was captured there, Gothmog came from there, but then Eol. Hm. Ok, can't be it. It could be that they were cast from a crevice, but that leaves Luthien and Huor out. Damn it! Stupid answers. Oh wait, I have Gothmog all wrong! Oopsy, he's not the balrog I was thinking about.
Ok, so it's:

They all must have met Sauron?? Well, Huor was captured by Morgoth, he was in Angbad, Sauron must have passed by a few times on his way in and out to see his master, Luthien saw him, Damn, can't find an answer for that. EEEEOL...ok, I'm trying later, PLEASE let no one get it, I want to get it!!!!!
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