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Jessamy waited a moment for Silas to leave with the tea and the suggestion his sister cut some bread before she answered Edwin with more than a nod. She stood and took up her station at the little counter formed by the cupboard extending out beyond the line of the shelves above. Before she started she gave Edwin the sort of appraising look her mother would give a market purchase.

It was odd she realised that she had known Edwin all her life, growing up in the same small town but didn't really know him at all. Didn't know if she could trust him. He wasn't quite close enough in age to be friends with her brothers - Filbert wasn't the sort to attract the hero worship of younger boys and - and had no brothers of his own who might have been their contemporaries. She had been to his father's shop though - shoemaking being one of the things that the family couldn't manage themselves. She remembered her mother once meeting one of her cronies after they had taken some boots in for mending and them talking about how sad it was the cobbler had started to drink after his wife died. Jessamy hadn't understood at the time - didn't everyone drink? Now a little older she realised her mother didn't mean tea or water or even the mug or two ale or cider that her father and eldest brothers might take of an evening. Yet Edwin of himself did not invite pity. He had been the ringmaster of the adventure, leader of his little group and had they not been alone, Jessamy would not likely not have had the nerve to speak as she did.

"Owe thanks? Yes you do - to Karl and Willem..and...and me. Karl wanted to take me straight home when he found me and it might have saved me a lot of trouble if he had. But I wouldn't let him. And whe we found you you were lying practically in a little pool of water and you were so cold and we couldn't rouse you" Jessamy was cuttting rough slices of bread from the loaf as she spoke. "I haven't told them "she indicated her brothers with a nod towards the door, "much about what happened before they arrived, and I don't see I have to. But people are funny about anyone different in Bree so it would be a shame if Karl and Willem's kindness caused them any trouble: I might have to explain how Karl had to carry you because you were in a dead faint rather than just cold... And Willem said..." The girl paused and gave Edwin another quick glance, her blue eyes fierce. " Promise I can trust you ..then I'll tell you!"

Jessamy realised that she was waving the knife and put it on the bread board. "I'll just take this bread out to Silas. I won't be a minute. You could put the blankets back round you if you are still cold." Then she wrapped Seth's dark green cloak tight around her, picked up the wooden platter holding the slices of bread and went out still favouring her good leg.

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