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No, no, and no. Since you have between you guessed all the logical answers except for the right one, I will give you the answer (hope nobody took me seriously about the chips).
It's from the Sil:
"But Aule said: 'Be not hasty! We ask a greater thing than thou knowest. Let him have peace yet awhile.'"
I know two of those sound like Treebeard should have said them, but I don't believe he ever uses those exact words. He usually addresses Merry as 'Merry', not 'Master Meriadoc'.
I'm not sure what correct thread procedure is in a case like this, so I'm posing another question. Whoever can identify and complete the quote from answer C can take the thread. It's not difficult.
rutslegolas, please only submit one guess at a time. It makes it more fun for the rest of us!
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