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AN-SL-01: Agreed.

AN-SL-08.6/08.7: I knew there was something I forgot! Thank you Fin.

AN-SL-08.8: This is an addition from the main text of The Rivers and Beacon Hills of Gondor, and it actually has a tiny bit more at the very end:
and no doubt the name was given in memory of it, or rendered in Elvish form from an older name of the same meaning.
We should include the whole thing.

FY-HL-09: I agree that it has nothing to do with the legend of Amroth and Nimrodel, but unfortunately it also has nothing to do with the Ride of Eorl. I do not think the problem will be solved by putting this large swath of information at the beginning of a chapter with which it has nothing to do.

AN-SL-21: Great find! Agreed. One thing, it should be Ondoher, not Ondohir.

AN-SL-30: Agreed.

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