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With Kit’s death and Legate’s subsequent lynching, Agan didn’t feel particularly safe in her home. She barricaded her doors and windows and sat in her kitchen with a giant meat cleaver.

Sometime during her vigilant watch Agan slipped off to sleep, the meat cleaver clattering to the floor. The wolves found her asleep at her kitchen table, head down and snoring.

“Aw, she looks so sweet,” one whispered to her partners. “Do we have to do this?”

“Yes!” the other two hissed in unison.

“I just think maybe we could keep her alive,” the wolf continued.

“We are not in Sleepy Hollow to make nice,” the largest of the three growled. “Now grab that big knife so if she wakes up she can’t get to it.”

Agan came to from her nap to find three furry fiends in her home. She reached for her cleaver, only to find of the wolves had it. Not wanting to be ripped apart like the barkeep the night before, Agan saw a small opening between to of the wolves and darted through it. She knocked her chair into one of the wolves in the process.

She made it to her front door before one of the wolves caught her by the hair. In the moonlight she saw the flash of the meat cleaver before it was brought down on her.


The next morning the village found Agan’s scalp nailed to her front door. The rest of her body had been left out for the crows.

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Day 2 has begun
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