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From what I can see, Sally and Morsul suspected me primarily because wolf-on-wolf behaviour is possible (and was used by Morsul in his first game). There was also this:

Originally Posted by satansaloser2005 View Post
Huey - For some wacky logic that seems off
But I don't know what Sally is thinking of, specifically. My logic may be wrong at times, but I've always tried to draw the best conclusions I could given the information I had. Unlike Morsul and Sally, I had no evidence Sally was innocent until Morsul Seer-cleared her (at which point I did my best to gracefully drop the issue).

Moving on from talking about myself... Pitch makes a good point here:

Originally Posted by Pitchwife View Post
You know, she needn't have died if Boro hadn't been so keen on lynching me over Lalaith.
I'd missed this in my long post, but Boro voted right at deadline in a way that wouldn't alter the outcome of the lynch. He had a choice between lynching Lalaith or Nerwen (assuming Nerwen wasn't about to make a last-second vote), and chose to disown the decision by voting for a third party.

I would really like to hear more from Boro. His active-but-weird Day One was followed by a quiet-but-reasonable Day Two. Dare we hope for active-and-reasonable toDay?

Boro, Lalaith, Pitch, Shasta - there's a wolf and a cobbler in those four. And Boro and Lalaith are the ones who seem strangest.

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