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Pio’s post – Rôg

Passage was booked on The Scuppered Gull. Faragaer’s face, at first skeptical at taking on two unknown passengers, softened as Rôg mentioned that Piosenniel had recommended him to them. ‘Don’t take on too many travelers,’ he told them, ushering them up the gangplank to the deck. ‘But if you come with a word from her, I’ll give you a berth.’ He had just gone over the bills of lading a last time with the merchants whose goods he carried, and was just about to call for the lines to be cast off, the ship taken out to the deeper current in the river. ‘There will be many stops along the way. At the small trading docks along the southern coast,’ he told them. ‘With a good wind once we’ve reached the Bay, it should be about two weeks' time to reach the small cove just south of Umbar.

Aiwendil smiled in satisfaction and nodded his head in acceptance as he handed over the asked for coins. Rubbing his hands together in anticipation of the sea journey, he strode after one of the cabin boys who was to show them to their bunks. Rôg trudged along behind him, carrying their packs. His senses were painfully aware of the slight rocking motion of the ship as it bobbed on the river’s current.

‘Two weeks!’ he thought to himself, his stomach already gone a bit queasy at the unending rise and fall of the deck beneath his feet. He glanced up at the cross beam of the main mast. A tern and some of his fellows eyed him with their glittering black eyes, their heads cocked to one side.

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