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Question Help in a translation

Hi all.
(please excuse me for my english. I hope you'll understand)

My girlfriend would like to have an elvish phrase as a tattoo,
so we must be as sure as possible of its correct translation.

This is the phrase: "the star of dreams will shine in to my eyes"

Among elvish languages, she chosed Quenya.

This is what we have done so far:

- "I" is the article

- "Elen" is the nominative substantive for star (poetic)

- "Lor" is the root for dream -> genitive plural should be "Lorion" (what about Kaimelea?)

- "Sžl" is the root for shining -> 3rd person future should be "Sžluva" (what about Kalluva?)

- "Eye": this is difficoult. I found both ElŽa (maybe Sindarin?) and Hen (Hendu is the dual form), but... what about "into my eyes?"

My eyes should be "ElŽanya", "ElŽnya" or "Hen-nya-?"

"Into" could be Mi + Ablative pl. (-lto), or Locative pl. (-ssen). I can't understand.

So far, the phrase should look like

- i elen lorion sŪluva mŪ hennyalto
- i elen lorion sŪluva hennyassen

Can you help us please? Thank you very much.
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