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One thing you (she) could also do is alter the words so as to get around a problematic issue. For example, possible alter 'into my eyes' to:

'...upon my path'
'...upon my brow'
'...into my heart'

Basically, pick something else you like that steps away from having to deal with the dual hendu (although nice and poetic in itself). The rest is fairly attested (the words for 'star, dreams, shall shine') just not in the specific way you want it of course. We have Tolkien's own 'upon your path' to work with, for instance, with his tielyanna in Unfinished Tales.

Incidentally, Tolkien language scholar Carl Hostetter once noted (regarding the allative case)...

'For the use of the allative to mean 'into', cf. eari ullier ikilyanna 'seas should flow into chasm' (SD:247).'

Carl Hostetter, 1994, in notes for *Attolma by Patrick Wynne and Carl F. Hostetter
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