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Re: the debate turns canonical

It must be remembered that in works like the Shibboleth, Tolkien was not consciously attempting to work out the structure of the story; he had ceased work on the Quenta Silmarillion itself some time ago. He therefore did make a number of mistakes due to simple forgetfulness of what had been written. I agree with M.M. here; the existing Silmarillion narrative should be considered more reliable than the Shibboleth, despite the latter's later date.

&lt;&lt;Pride makes a great stumbling block, and it would have made the
dispute between Feanor and Fingolfin more poignant, I think, if
they were both running around Aman claiming to be Finwe's heir. &gt;&gt;

Personal preferences and opinions should not be what a canonical Silmarillion is based upon. Aside from the main point that this is Tolkien's work and not ours (and thus, it is only his opinions that should be considered), there is also the matter of differing tastes. I, for instance, find the later Q.S. story in which Feanor and Fingolfin were, at least in words, reconciled, to be more poignant. If there is to be any attempt at a single canonical Silm., then it must be based not on anyone's opinions and preferences, but on textual continuity and faithfulness to

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