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Re: the debate turns canonical

I would add the small footnote of Fingolfin's promising to' follow' reffered [in context] to being the second son and acknowledging that feanor should have first place after Finwe.

This is not unlikely, given of course that there was no reason to think that Feanor would become King any time soon, since there was no reason to believe that Finwe would die. While when Fingolfin made his promise it obviously had nothing to do with physically following Feanor (as no one thought they would be going to leave Aman), this is just how JRRT seemed to suggest Fingolfin kept his promise (or justified his interpretation on how to keep his promise).

He may even have been acknowledging a bit of responsibility for not bringing his complaints against Feanor to the council about to meet as feanor indeed charged.

I am missing your point.
Please clarify.

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