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Re: Kings, Kingdoms et. al.

You cannot have Fingolfin claiming the kingship before Feanor betrays him. Tolkien's Elves, especially their princes, put a lot of power into their words. Either you drop Fingolfin's vow to follow Feanor before Manwe or you assign him the claim of kingship at the first point in the history where his vow would be rendered null by Feanor's actions.

But by that point you already have two kingships: Finarfin's and Feanor's. So Fingolfin can only claim to be one king of three, though king of the largest group of Noldor. He might deem Feanor to be in abdication of his claims on Finwe's authority since Feanor had abandoned the greater part of the Noldor. Science Fiction and Fantasy</a> of the Rings Movie news</a> Hercules/Xena Links</a> Middle-earth, a book on Tolkien</a> Shaffer: Monster or mother? Is Brianna in any danger?</a>
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