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I've finished reading everything up to yesterday. Wow!

We sure did put our characters through a lot! On purpose, as I recall. There were a lot of tear jerking moments, on pages 16 - 18 especially. Reading Jorje against the Merlocks actually got me almost whooping for joy. ....which is somewhat proud to say, as I wrote it, but I s'pose I did okay with that one. The burial was really moving. One of the greatest treats was reading how Ędegard finally started listening to Leafa, seeking her point of view, and discovering what a wise woman he had fallen in love with. Very enjoyable!

A lot of it was very harrowing. It's no wonder we were exhausted by page 18.

All that to lead into this:

We really need to make Tapestry 2 as - erm - "harrowing" (in its way) as Tapestry 1.

So let's plan for it early. Thus, heres the question:

What are you willing to allow to happen to your character(s)?

1. cuts and bruises?
2. maiming?
3. loss of one or more of the 5 senses?
4. loss of a limb, ear, etc.?
5. death?

Please go with your true desire and willingness. If I'm overstepping my bounds with this, please let me know and I'll quiet down. But I'll add just this much: Tapestry 1 was made the better for being willing to let our characters really go through difficult stuff.
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