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White Tree Damrod Presents...

...The unveiling of a New Comic Strip for the leading and single newspaper on the Downs! The Vaguely Amusing Exploits of Damrod features tales of adventure, with engaging storylines comparable to The Phantom and Alien, and the artistic brilliance of a bitmap document. It stars Damrod (the only one heroic enough to fill this role), who deserts his post to seek...something. Perhaps enlightenment. Some people might ask, Isn't this just a rip-off of "The P+A"? Or, Who is this self-promoting newb? Those people are communists. My comic is awesome.

This week: After months of searching, Damrod finds the sole remaining Balrog in middle-earth, to ask the ultimate question... "Do you have wings?"

Next Week(or, depending on how the pilot goes, never) : Damrod, on how cave trolls are sissies.

Edit: Ooh, that doesn't look good. I may be forced to unveil The Vaguely Amusing Exploits of Dormad, Damrod's Friendlier Twin Brother.
Edit 2: Curse you, faulty image-hosting site! I don't want a red x!
Edit 3: "Imposter"? That's rather harsh, Mr. Goomba.

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