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Hyarmenwë WAS reluctant to up and engage some of the local "Gondmordorians" in conversation. For one thing, he didn't want Alli to read too much into his desire to speak with them. However, when Alli went so far as to invite a young couple over, he was rather left with no choice.

"My apologies for bothering you, but my companion is rather new to these parts. He is curious about many things and I can only answer some of his questions. Could you help us?"

The young Gondmordorians were polite, and willing, and thoroughly as pleasant as any farmer of the Pelennor.

"My lord," said the lad, "it is has been far too long since we have been able to pay respects to a Lord of the Realm. I am Aleksandur, and this is my betrothed, Fíriel."

Hyarmenwë nodded. "It is a comfort to find those so far from home who remind one so much of it."

"Is it?" said Aleksandur. "That is comforting, Lord Hyarmenwë. For I have not set foot in Gondor. I was Assigned hither at the tender age of ten hours for my apparently anakronistic name. I believe it was then said "Alexander". Consequently, I know not if I am truly Gondorian in my mannerisms, or merely a parody thereof."

"I keep telling him that he's as Gondorian as old Bargon, who was only Assigned for having 'alzheimers'," said Fíriel, gesturing at an old man at the far end of the tavern, staring into space.

"May I ask why the desire to appear Gondorian is so intense?" asked Hyarmenwë. "Surely, since it was the Law of Gondor that saw you sentenced here, it is strange that you desire to be one of its people?"

"Mordor is a strange land, a dangerous land," said Aleksandur slowly. "It is not consistent or coherent. It is no place to raise a family- and such is our intent." He gazed fondly at Fíriel. "And comparing the exiled Gondorians who raised me, and who held as they could to Gondor's culture, to those Mordorians otherwise here, I can say with conviction which I prefer."

"These exiled Gondorians who raised you..." Hyarmenwë's eyes darted ever so slightly to look at Alli as he drew near this subject. "Do they take in many babes? One of the most cruel reasons for Assignment is surely the anakronistic naming of infants. Do many get Assigned?"

"More than you'd think," said Fíriel. "Aleksandur was only one of many 'Alexander's Assigned that we've met. And there are 'Mike's and 'Tom's and 'Dave's, and I haven't a thought how many others."

"You're a diplomat for the King, aren't you?" said Aleksandur. "The newspapers, and thus the rumours, are full of little else. You're here, then, to deal with the illegal emigrations. Tell me, is there a hope that it will someday be possible for people to return to Gondor? Can we purge the anakronistic elements of our being and someday go home? Already I have dropped the hateful name which I was given, and have started to assume a more Númenorean sobriquet. I'm not ready yet to be Gondorian, whatever Fíriel says, but someday, by help of the Valar, maybe I will be. Can I ever go home?"

Hyarmenwë lowered his head somewhat, looking rather torn. He was painfully aware that the tavern had gone silent. The patrons seemed to be hanging on his answer.

"I... don't know..." he said. "Lord Mardil, of all people, should be sympathetic, but in the realm of politics, perversity is oft King. I can only hope that it is a possibility."

The tavern seemed to slump back in its seat. Clearly, this was not the answer that the Gondor-leaning patrons had wanted to hear.

"I can only say that I am also sympathetic to your wishes," Hyarmenwë continued. "I once lost a child, much as you were lost, Aleksandur."

"Did you?" Aleksandur's eyes shone with a glimmer of unmistakeable hope that maybe.... "What name....?"

"I don't know," said Hyarmenwë. "I was on campaign. My wife never spoke of the matter again. I know only that somewhere in this land I have -or once did, for as you say, it is perilous- a daughter."

Alli raised an eyebrow, unseen as no one watched her, then rose.

"As much as I wish I could remain here in this oasis of tranquility, we have a mission to fulfill, and I think we're about done eating now. Bearugard, would you round up Angawen, that we might leave?"

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