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Lola laughed easily at the king, sauntering cheerfully to his side. "Roggie, darling, please don't class me with this set. I love Mordor, you know. I think you're doing such a terribly good job. And as ever, my love, you just look fabulous. I don't know how you do it. With your stress level I could never keep such a figure." She stood on the step to his dais and looked up at him, actually batting her eyelashes at him, every bit the flirt, a long expanse of pale leg visible through the high cut slit in her skirt.

"And..." she continued, with a suggestive giggle, "I haven't had the chance to tell you how hot you are in simply the longest time."

It was almost disgusting, how obvious she was. But Roggie beamed at her. It was clear to the others that this was not a new topic of conversation for the unlikely duo.
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