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Maika felt grateful that her obsessive-compulsiveness had not flared up too powerfully; she was on the verge of correcting Skittles that it was Anakron Istkon Vayor, not Anakron Ist Konveyor. She gazed at the poor woman lying on the floor, with her blood spurting all over from her wrist, narrowly missing her own pale feet.

"If only Panakeia were here..." she began quietly. "She might know where Nichole is, and surely that lovely med student can do something about this."

They all swung towards her, looking at her as if she had just spoken Wookie. All, that is, except Anakron, who seemed lost in thought.

"Oh, ring Accident and Emergency," Maika said suddenly. "I'll do it."

She whipped out her cellphone from some unseen, convenient pocket in her black slacks and speed-dialed a number. After a moment of silence she broke out in a slow and clear chant:

Doctor, doctor, she is sick;
Call your mummy very quick.

"There you go," she said as she placed the phone back in her pocket. And before anyone can say anything else, Maika rounded on Roggie.

"This might mean suspending your talk with us, but you will not play hide-and-seek with us again! You will stay here, wait along with the rest of us for Skittles to get well, and welcome us again when we return! Then you will listen carefully to all we say and agree to restart the negotiations! Is that underst-- OW!"

She took three steps back towards the window she did not notice she had stepped away from, rubbing her now-reddened forearms.

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