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Out hobbled an odd-looking man. He was quite old with lank, greying hair, and he clutched a satchel. He stared at the party for a moment, then ambled closer. Éomeléo looked on in curiosity as the man stopped a few paces from him, dropped the bag, and reached awkwardly for his boot. He then disconnected what was, apparently, a wooden leg. Hardly balancing on his good limb, the man scraped around in the leg and took out a big, handsome jewel. He tossed it at Éomeléo and, without a word, put his leg back on and went on his way with the satchel.

Miko looked vindicated. "See? That would be one of the fellows who wouldn't say anything. Granted he's unusual to encounter, but not suitable for the dark. Oh if only he could have shared some stories with-"

"Indeed Miko" the Gondorian interjected. He stooped to pick up the treasure and wondered what the odd man had been through. It was green and looked specially precious. "A reward for a rescue?" Éomeléo flashed a congratulatory smile to his friends.

"I shall be very glad to be rid of this place" grumbled Miko.

"But where will you go?"

"Oh" chuckled Miko, demonstrating a new, and unsurprisingly, annoying habit of switching rapidly between moods, "there are all manners of options."

"Quite Miko, for I have no doubt that your part in the story of this Middle-earth will grow greater." Éomeléo cast a cursory glance back at the villains' lair, and then looked again upon fair Valesseka: a far more pleasing sight.
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