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The first thing I did, before starting my novel, was to sit down and think of how I want my characters to be. Do I want them perfect? Obvioulsy not.
People can related to more flawed characters. A simple person thrown out into the cruel world is an excellent main character (as Tolkien and others proved).
My main characters are actually quite likable (at least I think so). They have their virtues and flaws (egotism, arrogance etc.).
But all that's pretty obvious [img]smilies/tongue.gif[/img]
"I am your sister and not your servant, and beyond your bounds I will go as seems good to me."
Tai uzdaryk mane Tevyne savyje/kaip giesme gerkleje mirtis uzdaro/ ir kaip uzdaro vakara naktis/ o Tu man atsakai: as Tavo laisve
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