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Originally Posted by Lalaith View Post
So, what *were* the rules about what could be communicated between GW and minions?
Could Nerwen, for example, communicate to Eonwe: "known innocents are Nerwen and Shasta?"
Or say to Shasta, i think you should protect x tonight? Or say to both - I have found that Sally is a wolf? (if that were indeed the case)?
Yes, basically that. Alignment information of players could be discussed, there wouldn't be much point in the Good Wizard being able to communicate at all if she couldn't discuss whether somebody was innocent.

Specific role information was always edited...although I'm pretty sure I probably inadvertently referred to Nerwen as "she" in several PMs to Shasta and Steve. I was sending so many PMs to all different people, I was terrified I was going to ruin the game for everyone by accidentally sending the wrong one to the wrong person. I'm pretty sure my agitation disrupted my editing ability. I was also traveling the last DAY which made everything worse for me and the Good Team.

Also I was thinking about Visitors - one of the drawbacks I was thinking of, and I think I
mentioned this during the course of the game, is that because they will no longer, if innocent, be counted amongst the living, the GW would in effect be killing off one of her own team. That would inform my reluctance to use that role, if I'd been GW.
Yes, that is true and it is potentially a powerful drawback, but the Visitor is potentially a powerful, game-winning role. At least I hope it is...technically it still has not been tried out. But I think it needs a substantial weakness to balance it out.

Originally Posted by Lalaith View Post
Oh and another would things have played out if either Eomer or I had listened to Nerwen and voted for Legate?

He would obviously not have been lynched...would it have helped the GW team on the last Night? Could Nerwen have challenged him to a duel during the Night, would that have stopped the creation of a new wolf?
I would have written something about the guillotine blade passing through Legate's neck without doing any damage. I wouldn't have said which wizard he was, but Nerwen obviously would have known at that point.

Duels can only take place during the DAY.

The sad fact for the Good side in this is that by the last DAY, they had already squeaked out an extension of the game the previous NIGHT when they were on the cusp of defeat. By focusing on Legate during the DAY, no matter how it turned out, they were ensuring that the best they could do was again face the brink of defeat and squeak out again. An unlikely prospect...although in a way they still got close.

Nerwen was, as one would expect, very clever in trying to use the Visitor role to rid herself of a wolf that NIGHT. Unfortunately, that could not be done to Legate. That is part of why Legate's play in this game was so brilliant. He did exactly what he needed to do to seal the win for his team. He got attention focused on himself, who was invulnerable, and kept the Good Team from winning.

If Steve had ended up being lynched, he was hunting Legate. Legate would have been exposed in the narration because he wouldn't die to the Hunter attack, but the Good Team would have been in even worse shape as far as numbers were concerned.
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