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Originally Posted by Kuruharan View Post
It was interesting that in this game the Bad Side excelled in the DAY phase of the game and the Good Side excelled in the NIGHT.
Actually YES. I think that is a good description. Honestly, we couldn't get through that blockade...

Originally Posted by Kuru
I will admit to rolling my eyes a smidgen when she immediately picked Shasta as Ranger. Mostly because they were both in the exact same roles as the last game I modded. I also thought it would be such an obvious move that Legate would pick up on it immediately. He didn't seem to, though.
Actually, in one of my first sort of "drafts" of how I could proceed after I learned my role, I considered both Nerwen and Shasta as options for my Night 1 picks. Eventually, I partly stayed away from them on purpose, exactly because a) I didn't want to open that case - targeting one would mean deciding what about the other, b) I was afraid (and from the looks of it, such fear was reasonable) that if I picked one, then if the other was a Wizard or somesuch, they would scry the other one.

Originally Posted by Kuru
The first major thing I would change is I would give the Evil Wizard two NIGHT 1 picks instead of one. I would do this partially to still give Evil Team a running start at the beginning of the game ahead of the two scrys they would be facing (more on this below). The main reason though would be because of the loyalty issue. It is hard on players, especially toward the end of the game, to have invested so much on one side and then suddenly have that taken away. It would still need to be a part of the game, but I think maybe having three strikes at it is too many.
Yes. I absolutely support that. Also, having two Wolves in the beginning, I daresay, makes it also easier for the village to catch them, simply because of the percentage. (You'd basically have three baddies just like in a normal village.)

More importantly, yes, I have been thinking about the loyalty issue a lot and I actually was taking it into account during my picks. We literally discarded some picks for turning just on the basis of that we knew those players wouldn't like it. By the way that is also why the failed picks were so frustrating, I knew the further in the game it was, the worse it would be for the players we turned. That's why e.g. personally, after Day 4 or somesuch I felt really comfortably about turning just a handful of people - Eomer was among them, incidentally; although our final pick on the last Night was obviously purely utilitarian. Already my attempt to turn Shasta on the Night before was based on the idea that he probably would be able to adapt to his new role fairly well if it came to that. Sadly, he had been already spoken for.

Originally Posted by Kuru
In a broader sense I think the Seer role would have been better because it would have put pressure on the Evil Team, which was a bit lacking in the game. I know Legate and Company will probably feel different about this but they were never significantly pressured during the game and while I think this is in large part attributable to how very well they played, I think the game was a bit balanced in their direction. I think the Seer role (which I discarded thinking it was the best decision at the time) would be a much better fit for this format. It would bring much greater and genuine utility to the Good side and pose a more significant threat to the Bad Side.
In a way yes. Although personally, I think when the GW can function as the Seer, it is okay, but having a Seer separately could ensure continuing presence of a "knowing Gifted" even after GW's possible departure, especially in a game where nobody knows anything. I think personally THAT is the main issue and that leads me to my last point, where I actually contrary to Kuru believe that the key to the game isn't so much in changing anything about the Seer, but...

Originally Posted by Kuru
I'm actually far more disappointed that the Visitors were not used, or were used so late that it didn't happen...and wasn't at all used for the purpose originally intended.
I think the Visitors were a great idea but they should be made more significant. Especially because the knowledge is really so scarce in this game. Maybe they should be independant of the GW. Maybe they should be a hidden role that exists since the beginning. Or one of them: i.e. make the GW create one Visitor, but another Visitor would exist regardless of that. Something. I don't have a clear idea about this, but I am pretty sure this would help the game, the balance, and the flow of information a lot if done right.

Because in my opinion the problem isn't fixed by the Seer, it would just mean that the Gifteds etc. know more, but we need to make sure that the whole village knows more. And the Visitor (who doesn't need to think about self-preservation and can just shout the truth - or the perceived truth - after returning from the dead) could do just that.

Originally Posted by Mithalwen View Post
I do like the idea of the ordos having a bit more to do... although I can also see it backfiring. Of course in this game we couldn't actually have killed Legate but maybe the dead could get some sort of one hit assassin power if certain criteria were met. You know like in Don Giovanni when the Commendatore drags his murderer down to Hell. Anyway having been thoroughly jaded with werewolf this certainly stimulated my few remaining grey cells.
That's a cool concept, and flavouful; I really like that kind of image. Something like that could work as well.

Originally Posted by Pervinca Took View Post
Sorry everyone for withdrawing. I was so confused that I could not participate properly and I felt really bad about it as it was not fair on the other players. Anyway, I'm glad you had a good game, and I am always in the Password thread (Quiz forum) if anyone wants to join in!
We are sorry you couldn't see this through, but as others have said, it wasn't the easiest game to start with. Maybe you can try again when some "normal" game with basic rules starts. We'd be happy to see you
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