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Originally Posted by Legate of Amon Lanc View Post
I think the Visitors were a great idea but they should be made more significant. Especially because the knowledge is really so scarce in this game. Maybe they should be independant of the GW. Maybe they should be a hidden role that exists since the beginning. Or one of them: i.e. make the GW create one Visitor, but another Visitor would exist regardless of that. Something. I don't have a clear idea about this, but I am pretty sure this would help the game, the balance, and the flow of information a lot if done right.
That is probably a good idea.

Although the difficulty might be in how does the hidden Visitor go to the Dead Thread. If we just wait for them to be lynched, it may not happen again.

Perhaps the Visitor would go to the Dead Thread when it hits a certain population.
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