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So as not to ruin the whole story for everyone and leave room for improvission, I'm going to release little parts of the outline at a time. The first relevant part is this:

- Avershire is 'employed' by Devon. No one knows exactly how many ships Doran has.

- Avershire is after finding himself a crew and ship. Devon goes to look for other captains/ships and tells Avershire that he will gather them all to him the day before they are set to meet Doran on the ocean. Avershire has a feeling that Devon's luck will be sour but will be surprised to find that he recruits no others.

- Avershire attains a single 113 ton, 65 ft. sloop, a small crew of 48 men (the sloop is made to be manned by 70 men), and 12, nine pound catapults (five on each side, and two on either side of the bow; the aft side catapults are able to be moved quickly for backside firing). This will be Devon & his companions' only ship.

- So, meeting the time requirement, Doran will plan to meet them on the sea to settle the fate of Umbar.

More will come later.

I'm working on a Devon post now and Arvedui, Aman, or Nuranar, if you guys want to do any posting they're welcome too.

OH hey! Devon, Calnan and Callath have to tell Telson about what's happened don't they. Without Corac finding out? Hmm... any ideas?

Corsairs: Do you think that getting on the sea by the 13th or 14th of next week will be doable?


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