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Good idea Aman. I figured that Doran would probably have sent a few men about at least but I've gotten rid of one of Devon's and sent the last one astray. I also made it so that Callath more or less figured out who his follower was (since Callath is quick like that [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img] ) and got rid of him for the moment. Realistic? Probably not but it's going to work for us at the moment until Telson is informed.

Then once Calnan meets us we can all make up our plan and meet later at the Snifter and Song. But Devon still thinks that he has a guy on him so he's going to be careful and Calnan's guy will still be there too. Corac will catch up with them later as well.

Is that cool for now? They can run into Avershire when they go to the Snifter and Song tonight (RPG wise tonight that is). And what do you guys think of having Pearlle aboard as the navigationalist person and for other scientific reasons?

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