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Garth won't be there long - he'll send one of the stablehands to the police (possibly Callath, who knows how Garth's mind works [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img] ), then manhandle the unconcious corsair out into the yard with another of them (he wouldn't dream of asking one of his highly-esteemed visitors to help) and dump the man into one of the troughs of water, I shouldn't be surprised, then stand by mancingly with a pitchfork until the police come - and considering the fact a corsair is involved and even more that the several of the finest horses ever bred, belonging to some of the nobles, and also involved, I don't suppose they'll be too long a-coming.

Calnan, there is another way in, which Callath has probably showed Calnan, as they have been friends for more than a wee while; I mentioned in the first post that there were two main stable blocks in the Umbar stables, side by side - if he approached from a different direction and got himself slightly disorientated, possibly in an attempt to throw off the pursuers, he might stumble into the wrong one (we're currently in the right one, Calnan might arrive in the left one?). He would hear Garth's voice maybe and stay quiet for a while then, when it had died down a wee bit and Garth was happily busy menacing the corsair, he could come into the other one.

This is just an idea [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img] whatever.

As for the meeting in the Snifter and Song...well, in Arvedui's post, Callath gave Telson a quick run down on what had happened, so its not that; maybe we were meeting to discuss it more fully? Although the stables will do for a quiet place to talk without (generally) being disturbed.
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