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Earendil, didn't we decide that Doran doesn't have a mansion. He isn't important enough or even wealthy enough for a mansion. I thought he had a typical town house. I mean he is an ex-corsair, only rich Gondorians are able to have mansions and even so there are only 2-3 in all of Umbar. Coastal cities don't even have lots of mansions, and certainly not Umbar (a Middle-Earth Tortuga). Why don't we just keep the Bassington's in their own house while the corsairs run it. But Doran really really shouldn't have a mansion.

Otherwise, great job Himaran! Now that the corsair side is all ready to put to sea (Earendil can you wrap up a good Doran post for us?) I'll write up a summary post and get us out there too as soon as I can.


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