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Originally Posted by Pervinca Took View Post
How about this?

They all appear in the Longfather Tree of Master Samwise


They all three have a unique surname.

1. Bell is the only 'real' Goodchild ever mentioned (Christopher wouldn't let his dad make Sam a Goodchild ... so that was never *really* a character).
2. Lily Brown is the only Brown ever mentioned.
3. Fastred is the only 'of Greenholm' (is that a surname, like the Dutch ''Van" or the French "De?"), because his children and wife, and he himself, (supposedly upon his marriage), took the name of Fairbairn.

The Longfather Tree is the document I was looking for. I was phrasing the other part as 'they are the only person from their [birth] family ever named', but it comes to the same thing.

Well done to both of you - Urwen got tantalisingly close - and over to Pervinca.

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