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White Tree

Things were moving to fast. First Mellonin was crying, a shaky little puppy without an ounce of courage, and then she was a raging wild cat. She was pulling his hair (which he was sure was bad form) and punching him. He could taste the warm blood on his lip.

He kicked her in the shins. She shrieked and rained down more curses on him. It was really nice to hear her swear and curse. It showed that she had a little spirit at least. He punched her in the thigh area where it was tender and her shriek turned into a puppy yelp. Her nails raked his cheek and he landed a solid fist upon her jaw.

A little voice whispered to him that he was fighting a woman. But he didn't care. She had started the blasted fight and deserved the pain and the humiliation. Slowly, he wrestled her to the floor, pinning her arms to the ground. She was breathing heavily and a little spittle dribbled down her chin. "A little insect eh?" he snapped. "Well the little insect just conquerored the noble, valaric, lioness." He glared at her, and spat on her forehead.

He really was quite impressed that Mellonin had fought him. Had actually summoned the anger to stop feeling sorry for herself and to have fought him. She, a weak maiden tusseling a storng wiry chap such as himself. And actually expecting to win (for who fought without the expectation to win, eh?). The whole situation was laughable.

He tittered, held her arms above her head with one wrist, and began to tickle her. Women did not like to be tickled as Gwyllion had told him many times over. Tickling was very humiliating as well...especially when one had also been defeated in a silly fight.

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