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Shield Night of Dec. 23 -- Argeleafa

Argeleafa was not at the moment looking at Ędegard, for her eyes were fixed on Bellyn in a manner that was almost a stare. Her cheeks blushed a deep red and then she dropped her head to consider this question. Ędegard had been kind to her, very kind to her, and he had told her she was beauty and had led her for walks in the eveningtime. She had begun to turn to him for protection when she felt afraid, and she had found herself looking at him when he was not looking at her, and thrilling when he met her eyes.

But was it really and truly love? Bellyn wanted to know more about this love, and Argeleafa realized she wanted to know more, as well, for she did not know if she experienced it or not. Love was what drove Amroth on for miles and miles, not wanting rest, wanting only his Nimrodel. And love was what had brought her own parents together in the bloom of youth, and what had called her mother to follow her father when he went to join the wayfarers.

"I don't know," Argeleafa stammered, without looking up. Yet she glanced slightly sideways to see Ędegard, and saw that he was looking at her. She colored again and then she looked up, but not at Bellyn. She looked up at the sky instead, and the starlight caught her eyes and made the impish twinkle that appeared in them seem unearthly, as if she were some mischievous creature of the woods. She looked at Bellyn again, smiling in that same impish way. "Maybe," she said.

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