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Mellonin, Dec 22.

Mellonin, alone for a moment at last, took several deep, ragged breaths, and then walked to the stream. She brushed off her clothes as she could, washed her hands and face several times, and after sniffing the water, drank some. She was quite cold when she finished, but she paused, and squinted at her reflection in the water.

She was disappointed; she had hoped that she would resemble her brother, but all she saw was a red-faced, red-eyed girl with dishevelled and torn hair wearing boys' clothing.

Why was she trying to act like a man anyway? As if she wanted to become one? Hardly.

No, she reminded herself, it was simply safer for men to travel than for women to travel. Travelling with a woman made her companions vulnerable to the wolves. She took a deep breath. In order not to further endanger Raefindan, Ravion, and dear sweet Gwyllion, she thought, she must pull herself together, and fight, and be brave and strong.

She looked back at the camp. Ravion and Raefindan were setting up camp. Gwyllion was sitting on the ground beside Gond. Aeron was on the far side of the horse. She took a deep breath, and another, and set her jaw and marched back to camp. She walked past Raefindan with a nod, and past Ravion who did not meet her gaze, and went to Gwyllion, and put one hand on her shoulder.

"Gwyllion, we need water for the tea and the stew. Will you come and help me carry it?"
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