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Mellonin, night of Dec. 22

Pebble after pebble pattered around her; she glared into the fire, willing herself to think about her brother. No quarrels. Quarrels make us lose care, and if I lose care for Mellondu, what then? The pebbles continued; she ignored them. One landed in her lap.

She picked it up and tossed it into the fire.

Mellondu is all that matters. All that matters.

"Aeron, stop that, " said Gwyllion. Mellonin looked up, and nodded at Gwyllion, and then returned to gazing into the fire.

Mellondu never gazed at the fire; he used to, but becoming a blacksmith had changed that; the fire symbolized work and sweat and heat. If he wanted to gaze now, he looked at the sky. Perhaps she should do the same. Pulling up her cloak around herself, she lay down on her side, with her back to Aeron (after thankfully clasping Gwyllion's hand.) Briefly her eyes reflected the stars, but then she fell into a deep slumber.

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