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Folwren is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Folwren is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Well, see here. . .one thing I see is that realistically, the slaves could not have caught up to the slavers that night to rescue the kids in the early morning. I think Imak would figure this out, with his stuff dissapearing and all that. It is especially not likely since for some time after the attack, the slaves have been busy in their ranks with inner problems and haven't even decided if they should go after them. I am not writing any character that is part of the slave group, but it is my humble opinion (not given so humbly now, I know, but I'm still alright with it being ignored) is that the slaves should not be there for a joint rescue. If you think you can somehow figure out how the slaves could be there, then that would be fine, I guess. . .but, really, I can't think. Didn't the slavers attack late at night?

Here. . .let me draw the times out.

What season is it?

Okay, between 8 and 9 it becomes dark. Watches are set. Two - three hours each? I'm not sure which, I would guess two hours.

First watch - 9-11
Second watch - 11-1
Third watch - 1-3

The boy, Adnan, has promised to watch well, but he doesn't and doze off. But a chap who's promised to stay awake will, for most of the time. So, the slavers attack around 2:30 a.m. They're in and out by 2:45. The slave camp is set into uproar for at least an hour. By then, it's 3:45. Dawn is in two hours, or two and a half. The slavers rode for about an hour, too, and they didn't ride slowly.

I don't know what sort of time there is after that. We've crammed a lot into that time.

How many slavers are there? Can the fellowship just march in, kill the three guards, and take them without being really opposed? Where are the rest? Are they actually going to go off searching for their missing goods? I guess it really wouldn’t take that long to haul the two kids out of the pit. They can take care of the guards quietly, the elf, Dorran, and Rog can manage that. Then Aiwendil and Vror can rush in to help. Two people can drop down into the pit to unbind the children and lift them up so that the others on top can pull them out. Athwen and Carl will not be needed for this approach of rescue, both being unfit for dragging the kids out of the pit like that and also unable to jump back out again.

On the ride out away from camp (do they know in which direction the slaves are?) the children can be put up onto a horse in front of another rider – one strong enough to hold them up as they run the horses. The children are probably not used to riding and they will also be worn out and liable to slip off if not stabilized.

I have no time to think further than this on the matter. What I have just said is only my opinion stated at length. Take it or leave it as you think best. You can do whatever you think best.

As for what you wrote answering my question. . .I guess it does. Kind of. But if Imak is getting robbed right and left, would he just pack up camp and move out, in the hopes of being able to out-run whoever is pestering him? Also, I know that he wouldn’t kill Kwell, but goodness knows what a man like that out of temper will do when he knows his limits, and when his limits allow certain brutalities to be done. But there really doesn’t seem to be much time, which is good. . .

Goodness, the more I talk, the more confused I get and feel like I’m running circles. There are so many people to think about in this. Has what I just said made any sense? I hope it did, because I’m leaving now. I’ll do more brainstorming for you tomorrow when I’ve more time.

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