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Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
As I've told Child, I like best the idea of the Fellowship rescuing the two children and triumphantly entering the slave camp with them. Well, not so triumphantly, since chances are there will be angry slavers at their heels.

Here's an idea: the slavers are getting prepared to go after the slave camp cause Imak's them, and they seemed to have such an easy time of it last time; they can at least rough 'em up a bit more, capture a few more for some big money. They leave in the morning? Or perhaps even at night, and the Fellowship watches them. They lay low until just before/when the battle starts, and then in the confusion, rescue the children. Perhaps Athwen and Carl could then take them to safety, while the others fight the slavers from the rear. Then the Fellowship are the mysterious rescuers for the slave group, as they are better armed and better prepared.

Just an idea I wanted to throw out there. Which in and of itself might have been a bad idea, because it might just add to any confusion/difficulties.

What season is it?
I think the consensus has mostly been that it is hot, and even though it is Mordor and that could mean a lot of things, I think we can assume it's spring or summer.

Most likely it's actually summer, since I doubt the Fellowship would have left sometime in the winter.

Has anyone been thinking of it very differently?
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