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Originally Posted by davem View Post
As for Michael Graham Cox's Boromir (reprising his role in the Bakshi movie, along with Peter Woodthorpe's Gollum, & it would be interesting to know whether they were chosen for that reason) I 'liked' him , & as with Faramir, he is far truer to Tolkien's character than the more 'sympathetic' portrayal of Boromir in Jackson's movie. By coincidence Boromir makes his first appearance in this adaptation in Episode Three, which we're moving on to tomorrow. I don't see that he's too old - in the book Boromir is in his forties.
Well I was only talking about the voice, not the portrayal. There I would of course agree with you. But Michael Graham Cox does not fit Boromir for me. Here's the thing with him being too old sounding- to be exact, Boromir was 40 years old when The Fellowship set out from Rivendell, and unless his birthday month (which no record is given of) was January or February, he remained 40 until his death. As Boromir was of high Númenórean descent, his life span would have been much greater than normal men. His brother Faramir lived to be roughly 118 years old, as his death date is given in Appendix A as being in the year F.A. 82. Undoubtedly Boromir would have reached a similar age if he was not killed. When looked at this way, Boromir was still in the prime of his life, having lived not even half of what Faramir lived to be. In fact, upon hearing of Boromir’s death, Théoden cried out- “Alas for Boromir the brave! The young perish and the old linger, withering.”

That is why I think M.G.C. was much too old sounding for a young character like Boromir.
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