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Originally Posted by Gothmog, LoB View Post
Well, but that wasn't them fighting each other. That was Finrod trying to maintain the magical disguise that made Beren and him appear like Orcs.
I don't think it matters that the purpose of Sauron was to remove the disguise and that of Finrod to maintain it. Had Sauron tried to remove the disguises physically and force them off, surely that would have been seen as a fight, albiet hand to hand. Rather in this case it was a fight "which is renowned" where "Felagund fought, and all the magic and might he brought of Elfinesse into his words." So I would say that they did indeed fight, but not physically, rather magically.

Otherwise I do agree with you, that in Tolkien's world, the Men are generally the rulers over their people, but there are examples where women like Haleth the leader of the Haladin, or Ancalimė of the Dśnedain hold sway. But we must keep in mind that with the Elves there is not much seperation between men and women in power or physical ability as portrayed in Laws and Customs Among the Eldar. I think that Galadriel, like Melian, were the powers behind the throne, although in the case of Galadriel and Celeborn they did not have the titles queen or king.
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