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**standing ovation for mr underhill**

I've been wondering why "euc". Does he spell that out in the essay? or worse, the letters?... (Blushes)

euc => eucharist-- that's huge. Having communion was so key in Tolkien's life that he went to confession, if I'm not mistaken, almost every Saturday. Magnificently old-school catholic. (this said by a wildly charismatic evangelical, ROFL-- but no, I'm serious.) Point being he took communion very seriously. [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

(I love that about the proffessor. And I can't help believing that he paints that into the story. I think that's why C7A sees Frodo as a prophet; shining face and all; because Tolkien was that hungry for God.)

In terms of ending-- yes, but-- then he says that no fairy tale ever really ends. There my brain gets seriously fuzzed. Why am I so stuck on that? Maybe because I think that parts of the story have an end; that a day can have a happy ending, and sometimes should; or that the story can have compartments that end while the main story continues.

Eucharist, eucharist. Yes. Yeah yeah yeah. Thanks, Mr. Underhill.

--Sleeping on that one!
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