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Gaffer Hugo suggested that they stop off at Peony's, since she was on the way to Brandy Hall. Not long after first breakfast was finished and cleaned up after, Gaffer Hugo prepared his wagon for the ride, with much help from Snatch. At least, Snatch seemed to think that all his jumping up and down and running here and there and barking high and low made all the difference.

Soon the three travelers were on the road, happy to be gone from the house in Crickhollow, and ready for adventure. It would not have taken very long at all, but Mosy had other ideas in mind; mostly because Gaffer Hugo didn't bother to control him. Mosy found snubs of grass here, tasty berries hanging from bushes there as the travelers talked and sang and generally made merry.

It was almost noon when they arrived at Peony's hole.

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