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Bunny hurried behind Tansy into the house after Maylily shot them both a hurried look and went back to the kitchen. Bunny stamped her feet and smoothed hair, she must not forget her manners.
"Nice to meet you..Browning was your name?"
Bunny did a lazy curtsy, then held out her hand in a friendly manner. She grasped Brown's hand enthusiastically when he held out his, shaking his arm maybe just a wee bit too much.
"I'm Bunny, Well Bella...but everyone just calls me Bunny, and you can too I guess, since everyone does and.... " Bunny was about to ramble on for awhile more, when Fred called out.
"Oi is that Brown? come on in here you ol' devil".
Brown excused himself from the girls at the door and made his way into the kitchen to see Fred.
Bunny rolled her eyes at Tansy and made a choking face, miming the word, "Boys"
Bunny was fond of boys, but when they got together...well that was a different story, she always felt pushed out and excluded. She was, as a child the only girl, with brothers that found her small and useless to have any fun with. Her father was the only one who showed her funner things such as archery and how to drink ale, like the boys. He never made her feel small or useless.

Bunny motioned to Tansy"Let's go see what your Mum has on the stove shall we?"
Maylily was busily getting tea ready, and Fred and Brown sat talking at the little table, already piling up with food.

"Oh Bunny dear, your clothes and things are there in your room, I managed to get all the mud out, but dear...what were you doing? rolling in it"
Bunny snorted and hugged maylily from behind as she stirred a pot.
"Thank you Mrs Bogsworth. Now just getting it all packed up again before we go is the trick.
I may just start on it now, since well..... I was hoping to leave tomorrow mornin', but I will stay for a bite...I'm just famished."
Bunny sat down across from the boys.
"So your leaving tomorrow morning are you girls?" Fred asked questioningly

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