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Kuruharan is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Kuruharan is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Boots Bingo! I have Bingo!!

Kuruharan passed into a vision, his spirit forsaking his mortal body (which went kerplop on the ground).

It seemed to the dwarf that he traveled with winged speed (but this was ridiculous as he, like Balfrogs, had no wings). Kuruharan could not see where he went because he was surrounded by darkness.

Slowly, tiny lights began flickering before his eyes. They rapidly grew nearer. As he grew closer to the lights, they began to spread out below him. It looked like someone had spilled a great chest of gold and jewels and had left them sparkling in the void. In his vision, he swooped down to take a closer look. As he drew near, he recognized what he saw. It was the neon lights flashing from the signboards of millions of casinos, resorts, mansions, villas, bingo halls, and gardens. It seemed they spread to cover the entire earth. He saw teeming throngs of pleasure seekers swarming the casinos. There seemed to be no end to them. Humans, halflings, elves, and orcs crowded around the gaming tables pouring their money into the coffers of the dwarves. In all the casinos, the dwarves happily fleeced the masses. In the mansions and gardens that covered the world, the dwarves merrily cavorted and played. In his vision, Kuruharan traveled deep beneath the earth where millions of workers toiled in the strip mines to gain their meager wages, all under the watch of strict dwarven masters. Everywhere the same symbol blazed forth. A red twisting dragon (who seemed mighty familiar) bearing a gold and silver “K” rune.

In his vision, Kuruharan surged upward, out of the earth and toward great mountains that shimmered in the distance. Kuruharan knew where he was. He was flying toward the mountains where of old was the Kingdom of Hazard-boom. All was restored, more glorious than it ever was before. On and beneath the earth were pleasure palaces beyond all hope of counting. Kuruharan swept up toward the peaks. Atop the highest place sat a mighty tower that stretched far above the earth. Upon the flashing neon sign were the words, “The Tower of Sűkers-doom.” In the topmost condo was a throne room that put even the Great Hall of the Velour to shame. On one side was a great arena where Chrysophylax devoured defaulting debtors. On the dais was a throne. On the throne, Kuruharan saw himself. The joyful sound of falling money eternally rang throughout the room. The sound drove Kuruharan into ecstasy. Somewhere behind the throne, something dark and unpleasant was lurking. But it was so hard to pay attention to such distressing things when one was listening to the sounds of making money.

All of this could be his if he would just…

…do nothing at all. That was all that was required. Just do nothing at all.
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