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Vanya has just left Hobbiton.
Well, I am new member of this interesting company. Since I am already member of a similar site in Serbia, where I live, I have a lot of experience with Tolkien geeks (as we named ourselves). We have gatherings quite often, and some of members became friends in real life. It will be fun to participate here, I am sure.
Let me tell you few facts about me. I am 34, architect, live in Belgrade; I read Tolkien since highschool, and I still find time to read his books again, not to mention Cristopher's work, which I find very helpfull and interesting too.
I also like SF, as well as Douglas Adams and Terry Prachet. Fantasy books in general are good places to hide from everyday - life.
Excuse me for eventual misspelling, since this is not my native language, and I don't use it frequently.
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